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About Me

I am a writer, editor, and storyteller who thrives on combining my passions for writing (conceptual and editorial) and lifestyle topics everyday. Currently, I hone my craft full-time as a Copywriter at Printfly, an e-commerce apparel company; there, I’m modernizing their brand and voice via marketing copy, editorial blog posts, product and packaging copy, catchy billboards, and every form of written content in between.

– Brooke Sager


Trust Me, I'm Creative

I'm conceptual
Writing topical articles, developing brand voice, shaping characters for my novel—I think big and am always creative with intention.
I'm experienced
I have 7+ years professional experience writing and editing content—from long-form editorial features to catchy email subject lines and beyond.
I’m Detail-Oriented
My nickname at the office is “Eagle Eyes”. If there is a misused semicolon or dangling modifier out in the wild, I will find it (and edit it).
I’m Collaborative
I play well with others—whether it’s a design partner or CEO—to create projects we’re all proud of. Teamwork makes the dream work.

My Portfolio

A selection of my published work written for various outlets and brands.

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