What else makes me, me?

Ballet, Pilates, weightlifting, running— I’m a complete fitness guru and I love it all. (Well, most of it—despite my height, I still can’t shoot a basketball.) I plan on training for my first marathon, the Boston Marathon, someday—they say it’s one of the hardest in the world!

I love all things relating to fashion, style and beauty. Whether I’m writing about it, reading about it, or wearing it myself, I believe that what you wear and how you wear it, is one of the most sincere and fascinating forms of self-expression.

I enjoy photography—I studied darkroom photo in high school, where I was also a photojournalist for our award-winning yearbook. In college, I took courses on digital photography which included Photoshop manipulation. I carry my camera everywhere I go, and thus have thousands of pictures from not only my travels, but also my everyday life. Check out a few of my favorites

My first time on a horse, I actually fell off, but still somehow knew that horse-back riding would end up becoming a huge passion in my life. I’ve been riding and competing for thirteen years, and continued it throughout college as I took lessons every semester.

In addition to fiction, I also enjoy reading and writing poetry—in fifth grade, my poem titled ‘A Thanksgiving Turkey’ was published in a young writers’ anthology. My senior year of college, I worked on my own fifteen-poem portfolio, where I focused mainly on real experiences in a narrative voice. I find myself inspired by contemporary poet Kim Addonizio, and her honesty, introspection, and wit that come through in her writing.

I’ve been playing the piano for over seventeen years. I was never much one for recitals, but I continue to play for my own pleasure on the same grand piano I learned on, mostly songs in the rock, pop and country genres.

I am very enthusiastic about travel. I spent part of my junior year of college studying abroad in Bath, England, where I had the opportunity to travel all around England, Wales, and Italy. Before settling back in New York, I also spent six months living and working in Boston after graduation. I’ve been to eighteen states, and would one day like to make it to all fifty—especially North Dakota. A trip to Australia and New Zealand is also a must.